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They Want Your Fingerprints!



  Data Mining companies, the companies that collect your personal information and then sell it to others, now want to create the conditions that will force you to submit your fingerprints.

Those fingerprints will, of course, be electronically stored and sold along with the rest of your personal information to whomever.  Or worse, potentially lost to hackers or other criminals.

Think about this for a minute:

  What if you were denied a driver's license or the ability to hold ANY job unless you submitted your fingerprints to the Government? (It's happening now!)

What if your child were denied access to education, the SAT or CPA exam unless they submitted to a fingerprinting "for ID" . . . even if they showed a US Passport and driver's license as ID?  (It's happening now!)

What if you were denied a job because you wouldn't submit your fingerprints to the database of a data mining firm (even a foreign one) that makes billions from the sale of your private information?  (It's happening now!)

Or if your child were denied lunch at school unless they submitted to being fingerprinted first?  (It's happening now!)

Sounds Orwellian, doesn't it?  Couldn't happen here, could it?
Yes it can.  And it is.  AND WE NEED YOUR HELP to stop this abuse of our privacy rights!
Those are scenarios that are either happening right now or might soon be put into place, unless we take action.  Your private data is worth billions to global data mining firms who will stop at nothing to get it.  And then sell it.  Or lose it.
Now, instead of just collecting data on your buying habits, birth date, bank accounts, financial information, travel habits and a whole range of other private information, they want to add your fingerprints (biometric data) to their database and your fingerprints are worth gold to them.
The International Biometrics Group estimates that industry revenues will exceed US$7.4 BILLION in 2012 alone, with corporate revenue from fingerprints, iris, vein scanning and facial recognition surveillance making up 49% of this total.
In short, the more privacy you have, the less money they make.  We think you would be outraged if you knew what these companies already know about your private life and habits.
Not satisfied with knowing everything you do and everything you have, now they want to collect information about the one thing that should be private to all of us - our bodies.  You have to ask yourself, what's next - a full DNA scan?  Are we to be treated as criminals so someone else can make money?  What do you think Ben Franklin would say to this?
It is already offensive that these companies buy and sell your personal information.  We used to call people like that "snitches".  Even more alarming is how often this data is lost to hackers, criminals, or just plain . . . lost.  Check out this link for up-to-date information of all the data losses that occur on a daily basis.  It will make you want to scream:
Sure, you can replace your credit cards every time your data is lost.  You think they care that you have to spend years of your life fixing your bank accounts, credit cards and looking over your shoulder because THEY lost your information?  They'll just say "whoopsie".  Think about what would happen if hackers, criminals or not-so-friendly foreign governments were to acquire your fingerprints.  Good luck replacing those.
We Alaskans value our privacy and we believe in the wisdom of our Nation's Founding Fathers.  If this battle must be fought on the Last Frontier, so be it.  
Reed Elsevier, a foreign-owned US$9.3 Billion global data-mining firm that already collects much of your private data has dispatched a team of East Coast lobbyists to Alaska to influence our legislators to allow them to continue and expand their collection of private data on you.  They want your fingerprints.
Here's how:
  1.  Contact your legislator.  Today.  Don't put it off, it's happening right now.  Tell them to stand up for Alaskan's privacy and send the data-mining firm's lobbyists packing.  Click on the following link to find your legislator:  

2.  Send an email to all legislators.  Click HERE and you can send directly to all the Alaska State legislators.  Please be polite and respectful in your email.  If you're not sure what to say, you can copy and paste the following text into your email:


Dear Alaskan Legislators:

The data-miner's corporate lobbyists don't vote . . . but WE do.

I urge you to pass strong biometric privacy legislation that protects all Alaskans from further intrusion into their privacy, THIS SESSION.  We need a Privacy Law that:

Makes illegal the practice of requiring innocent people to provide fingerprints or other biometrics as identification when they are willing to show their driver's license, State or Military issued ID, or a United States passport.

3.  Spread the word.  Like the Minutemen of old, get your friends involved.  Time is of the essence.  Let the legislature know that we are not at all happy about giving up more of our privacy.  Enough is enough.  Your Privacy Belongs To YOU.

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